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About China Printing Solutions...
Founded in 1998, China Printing Solutions is an American-owned print management company with offices in Shanghai, China and Melbourne, Australia. CPS is owned by Ivie & Associates, an international leader in global marketing solutions. We are privileged to work with some of the world’s largest retailers, marketers and publishers every day, providing world-class quality at highly competitive costs. From turnkey print processes to globally scalable marketing and advertising campaigns, China Printing Solutions strives to become your go-to source for all of your printing and advertising needs.

Why Choose CPS for your next project?

  • Western expertise: CPS managers are multicultural and bilingual with over 25 years of experience printing in China.
  • High quality, affordable solutions: CPS is NOT a print vendor; we are a professional print management group that works directly with prequalified and vetted printers to ensure that all projects are executed accurately and on time.
  • Transparency and samples: CPS provides samples and white books for all jobs to allow clients to see the product before committing ink to paper and making a large financial commitment.
  • CPS and its sister company, Ivie Asia, have 45 full-time employees in China including a professional prepress, packaging and page builder department. Our Preflight software and trained production artists routinely catch errors in client supplied files that would otherwise result in costly alterations on press.