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Artwork Submission Guidelines

Proper artwork creation and submission are critical steps for any successful print project. While we will always endeavor to carefully review and correct files before production, it is critical that the files you submit be prepared with care. If you are not sure how to prepare your artwork files, please feel free to consult with us early and often.

We would prefer to receive your art on CD or DVD as a locked and certified PDF file, along with the original file in native format, image links and fonts, a complete 100% size color dummy and samples of desired color matches or printed versions of your product.  In practice we will work with what you give us, please discuss if you are concerned.

Submission Method,, or FTP upload(preferred method is to upload artwork to our server at
How to Export to PDF Settings in Illustrator - click here
How to Export to PDF Settings in inDesign - click here
Operating Systems Mac OS10, Windows XP or later.
Native Software Adobe Creative Suite CS4 or higher. For details on other software packages, please enquire.
PDF Compression method only with ZIP not JPEG; Lock and certify; Convert all RGB to CMYK; Remove OPI settings; Include Crop and Registration Marks; Outline fonts; Preserve layers; Please use PDF/X-2002 standard if possible. PDF is our preferred format in receiving files.
Color CMYK and/or Pantone Colors only. No RGB.
Image Format Please avoid using JPEG and DCS 2.0 EPS files. Please notify us if your images include any scanned from previously printed materials.
Image Resolution 300 dpi at 100% size for most jobs; If you must resample low resolution artwork to achieve 300 dpi, the image will be degraded and must be retouched.
Acceptable Color Profiles No profile; SWOP profile; G7; Fogra 39.
Fonts Please include fonts; Please avoid using True Type fonts.
Bleed For most projects 3mm bleed is sufficient; For ring binders, please leave at least 15mm bleed on outside cover artwork. For hardcover books, please leave at least 20mm bleed on cover. If it is package, please refer to the bleed on the die cut lines.
Trapping and Overprinting For metallic inks and some other spot colors, please discuss whether to register or overprint. For black writing and line art on light colored background surfaces, we generally recommend overprinting. For all other trapping issues, please let us handle.
Spine Width Please configure spine width according to the width of the white book we provide.
Other Add "Printed in China" in the book. It can be on the back cover or inside pages.