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Georgia Macchiatto 1

Coca-Cola China just launched a delicious new seasonal beverage under their GEORGIA Ready-to-Drink Coffee brand, hiring Ivie Asia to develop the packaging designs. In keeping with the holiday spirit and wintry weather, GEORGIA’s first seasonal flavor is a tasty Macchiato beverage with just the right hint of caramel sweetness.

This seasonal flavor is only available in select cities in China and only for a limited time. What’s notable is that this is the first flavor GEORGIA has introduced since their highly successful launch in China in 2014. The brand has been a staple in Coca-Cola’s beverage lineup for nearly 30 years in Japan but is a new entrant in the RTD coffee space China.

Coke China turned to Ivie Asia to design the festive pack and to keep it in line with the brand’s existing Original and Latte flavors which were also designed by Ivie Asia.

So, put on some warm socks and grab yourself a GEORGIA Caramel Macchiato, and forget about the less-than-balmy temperatures.

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