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Lycra logo

BUSINESS SITUATION: L by Lycra is a rapidly growing brand of shapewear, launching four collections—three in shapewear and one in hosiery, in only 11 months. The “L” collection is a product of the Lycra fiber brand, which has been the leading brand in close-to-the-body apparel applications for over 50 years. As part of the collection’s launch, Lycra called upon Ivie Asia to help design an in-store brochure that would both educate customers on the benefits of the body shaping technology and encourage repeat sales of these functional garments.

THE STRATEGY: Ivie Asia worked with the L by Lycra team to design a brochure to educate and excite existing and prospective consumers about the collection while visually communicating their brand identity and providing essential information for consumers—garment styles, body shaping benefits, and how to choose the right garment to address customer’s specific body challenges.

L by Lycra selected “spring” and “butterflies” as themes of the brochure. Playing off of these themes, Ivie Asia drafted copy in Mandarin that helped convey the value behind the brand: breathable materials, optimized fit with body scanning technology and high fiber content fabrics. Ivie Asia provided photoshoot support intended to augment the brochure’s thematic feel and provided extensive photo retouching. Furthermore, during the production process, Ivie Asia’s production team worked onsite at the printer to ensure the final print quality met the highest standards.

THE RESULTS:  Lycra has been thrilled with the brochure’s modern, yet feminine look. As a result of the success of this initial engagement, the brand has commissioned Ivie Asia to produce additional literature for the product line.

Lycra Shapeware Brochure Design by Ivie

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