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Chinese New Year arrived February 8, marking the beginning of the “Year of the Monkey.” Combining the New Year celebration with a popular Chinese fable, Ivie Asia worked with KFC to develop a kid’s meal bucket design that features a removable paper mask on the outer wrap and a miniature figurine of a character called the “Monkey King.” The integrated marketing campaign combining the limited edition bucket design, social media promotion and O2O interactivity, brought sales increase on the bucket, and great enhancement on brand recognition and reputation for KFC.

The Monkey King, named Sun Wukong, originates from a 16th-century novel called Journey to the West. The character has been adapted in stories, plays and films over the year. The legend says that the Monkey King was born out of a magic stone on the top of a mountain, where it had been gaining power from the heavens from the beginning of time. The Monkey King’s powers include super strength, lightning-fast speed and transformational powers that allow him to take on other forms.


The goal of the KFC bucket mask is to have families take photos of children wearing the mask to post on common social media platforms like WeChat. The theme of the seasonal packaging is shareability, with the idea that the packaging can go beyond the physical container and encourage customers to share their KFC experience online. Shareability is a growing trend in packaging design as more retail firms seek to integrate sociability into their campaigns.


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