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KFC’s Chinese New Year Celebration featuring limited edition Monkey King packaging proved a tremendous success with consumers, which means it was a tremendous success for KFC’s business. Ivie Asia worked with KFC to develop a kid’s meal bucket design aimed at promoting shareability and social engagement, and Yum! Brands, Inc. (KFC’s parent company) reported better-than-expected core operating growth, with CEO Greg Creed calling special attention to the Monkey King bucket’s role in the company’s success.

“KFC China had an outstanding Chinese New Year bucket promotion leading to 12% same-store sales growth for the quarter, underscoring the power of delivering insight-driven marketing that resonates with our customers,” Creed said in the official earnings release.

Good packaging design is always good for business. Limited edition packages, especially those which create an emotional connection with a specifically targeted audience, inspire brand engagement, improve brand perception and help to generate buzz which in turn translates into increased sales.

The next time you’re thinking about an outside-the-box solution to give your sales a boost, consider looking no further than the box itself.

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