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Ready for Rio

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In the run up to the Summer Olympics in Rio di Janeiro, Minute Maid China launched a series of specially flavoured Minute Maid drinks with a zesty combination of orange and guarana flavours. While you have probably seen guarana drinks on store shelves, you might not be familiar with what it is or where it comes from. Guarana is a tropical berry that comes from trees that only thrive in the Amazon. Although new to the U.S. and China, guarana-flavoured beverages have been around for decades in Brazil. In fact, Coca-Cola Brazil has a top-selling guarana soft drink called Kuat!, so it wasn’t a big stretch for them to introduce the unique flavour in China as a limited-time offer to coincide with the Summer Olympics.

The guarana berry is brilliant red on the outside, but the inner fruit looks more than a bit like an eye with a white outer layer and a dark inner seed that resembles a pupil. Odd looks aside, it has a delicious tangy taste and, being high in caffeine, provides a natural lift.

Ivie designed a series of five individual labels for the bottles plus seasonal gift packs multipacks. Since Brazil, or more specifically Brazil’s infamous Carnival, is known for vibrant colours and flamboyant over-the-top costumes, the creative team had a lot of fun capturing that spirit and bringing it to life in China.

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