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China Printing Solutions helps Educational Publisher beat deadline while saving on printing costs

Abril Lumira gives Ivie, China Printing Solutions high distinction grade in printing tests

Due to changing curricula dictated by school systems, educational publishers face constant pressure to reduce printing costs, maintain high quality and meet tight deadlines. Recently, Abril Lumira was challenged with completing one million sets of books in just two months.

Over 60 titles with more than 200,000 pages of artwork were included in the products, which consisted of complex pages such as teacher’s and student’s books, complementary materials, practice materials, maps, die cut puzzles and plastic wraps. All needed to be produced at the same time, with color consistency throughout all materials.

Abril Lumira sought help from Ivie and China Printing Solutions’ innovative practices, which make printing large quantities of materials in short periods of time not only cost effective, but quite feasible as well.

Ivie sourced several manufacturers that joined production at the same time. Meanwhile CPS coordinated and supervised all resources, ensuring a centralized color control match was cross-referenced by all. With an expertly planned and managed strategy from start to finish, Abril Lumira ultimately saved on total project costs by sourcing the production in China and managed to beat their deadline and expectations!

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