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Ivie and China Printing Solutions reduces Manufacturer's import and printing costs

Heritage Hardware discovers handy tools with Ivie and China Printing Solutions

The value of the Australian dollar has fallen against the U.S. dollar by as much as 28 percent in recent months. This, in turn, has increased the cost of importing, creating a conundrum for both manufacturers and distributors: do we spend less on marketing material to save money, or do we increase marketing expenditure in order to sell more product?

One of the most straightforward solutions is to print marketing material in China, to save money, and when possible, consolidate shipping of printed marketing with other product shipments. Ivie, in partnership with China Printing Solutions, has found that producing the right marketing materials in China, and then having them exported, can be a much cheaper, more cost-effective solution than doing the same service in Australia.

By combining large run product catalogs and specialty jobs along with general marketing materials, clients can save money. As importing is growing more expensive, Ivie strives to those costs by helping clients produce their marketing materials in Asia and then shipping the products to Australia along with bulk shipments of additional product inventory, thereby reducing the shipping costs on a per piece basis.

Through Ivie’s exceptional customer service and best-in-class solutions, clients receive customized products catered to meet their needs. Heritage Hardware, a New Zealand family business that distributes kitchen products, is a prime example of how utilizing Ivie for all marketing and communications needs can create significant efficiencies and savings.

Heritage Hardware was seeking to produce a variety of products including shrink-wrapped variable data catalogues, brochures, flyers, display books and packages. They wanted the catalogue to have die cut tabs and also needed colour retouching for some photos of their counter tops to more accurately reflect the product they had available. Ivie was able to colour match their various marketing materials, create custom moulds, provide pre-production samples for approval and, after only a few rounds of proofing the prototypes, Heritage Hardware identified their perfect match. The end result was a single channel for all materials, including a master set of colour swatches for all regular versions and products.

Heritage Hardware was able to save substantially on import costs, thanks to the bundling of shipments, and they received a consistent, high-quality product for all marketing channels.

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