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Why Print In China?

There’s a reason why so many international organizations rely on China for so much of their print needs: China offers a unique blend of quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world. China has a long history with paper, dating back as far as the Han Dynasty (202BC-16AD). That experience leads to a deep knowledge and understanding of the print industry that combines with modern technology, creating an ideal market for printing.

By outsourcing printing to China, many companies are able to reduce the cost of their print materials while producing projects at a high quality that meets or even exceeds what they would be able to achieve domestically. Many companies take advantage of that savings to invest in premium finishing options, a thicker paper stock, sturdier binding or even a larger print run.

Working with a trusted procurement organization like China Printing Solutions is no different than working with a domestic organization. You can talk with experts who speak your language and understand your specific needs. Although unethical business practices by disreputable organizations have created an unfortunate stigma when it comes to printing in China, China Printing Solutions’ typical partners are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. With China Printing Solutions, you can have peace of mind that the products you order will be high quality, match all specifications and standards identified in the proposal, and be professionally managed from inception through delivery.


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