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CTP Versus CTF

CTP (computer to plate) plus digital proofs provides a finer resolution and added color control, through the use of ICC Color profiling and state of the art digital proofing which provides a very close color match to the actual piece. Downsides of CTP + digital proofs are reduced recognition of spot color and color overprint issues, color shifts or show-through due to the choice of paper or other substrate. It also is associated with a more expensive overall procedure, and will have an effect on the project cost. We recommend CTP for coffee table books or projects requiring exact color matching and super-fine resolution.

CTF (computer to film) plus wet proofs offer the opportunity to see how your piece will look in real printing ink on the real paper selected for your project. You can easily evaluate spot color effects and overprint areas, test paper opacity and sensual results. Wet proofs are the closest possible match to the final piece in terms of material effect. Downsides of CTF + wet proofs are an inability to implement ICC Color profiling and a need to disregard minor proofing flaws such as slightly loose registration or heavy density due to the nature of the proofing process. We recommend CTF for most projects we execute.

CTP (Computer To Plate) CTF (Computer to Film)
Digital Proof
Wet Proof (real printing ink)
Proof on real substrate
Perfect Registration
Good Approximation of Color
Best Color Evaluation
ICC Color Profiling
Superior Line Screen
Easy Identification of Overprint Issues
For Standard to Very Good Print Quality
For Premium Print Quality
Uses Real Spot Colors
Most Convenient to Review Color Relationships, Page Order and Page Trimming
Varnishes, Embossing, Hot Stamping, etc. Generally NOT included on the proof
The same RIP is always used to render proofs and final. (What you see on the proof is what you get on the plate)
Best Quality
Best Price