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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you speak English?
Yes, we do!

Where are you located?
Our China Printing Solutions office is located in the central business district of Shanghai, China.

How long does it take?
Lead times vary according to the kind of product manufactured and the quantity.
Standard shipping times are as follows:
US / Canada, West and Central— 3-4 weeks
US and Canada, East Coast— 4-5 weeks
Europe— 5-6 Weeks
Australia— 2-3 Weeks
Central / South America— 4-6 Weeks

Can you send me samples?
China Printing Solutions provides a number of samples throughout the process of production:
— A “White Book” dummy created to the exact specifications of your job, provided before final confirmation
— Relevant samples of China Printing Solutions work for other clients as quality reference, provided before final confirmation
—Color proofs, for evaluation of color and final check, provided before production commences
—’First Bound’ Production Samples for evaluation of final result before binding is completed
—For complex or large run projects, additional proofs may be provided

What quality guarantees do you offer?
While there’s no such thing as a perfect print run, and minor irregularities can be found on any print product anywhere in the World, having a wide base of print knowledge and applying a regimented system of controls throughout the process ensure superior quality. Before shipping, we will send you our detailed final inspection report, inclusive of photos of final product stacked and ready to go. For more on this subject, Please ask about our 7 stage quality assurance method and 52 point job inspection criteria.

Can I come to do the press check?

Do you handle importing?
In most cases, yes. We typically provide quotations on the basis of door to door delivery, whereby we handle all shipping, import and final delivery, and whereby import duties, if any are included in the price offered. If you prefer, however, we can provide the shipment FOB China, or deliver to port for pickup.

What if my shipment is damaged in transit?

All projects are insured for 100% of their value against damage or loss in transit.

Do you offer credit terms?
Typically payment terms are 50% deposit, 50% upon completion. Once we have established a regular working relationship, however, we generally offer credit arrangements for most projects. For larger orders, it is sometimes preferable to divide payments into several steps or employ the use of a letter of credit.

How should I submit my files?
We prefer to receive your art on CD or DVD as a locked and certified PDF file, along with the original file in native format, image links and fonts, a complete 100% size color dummy and samples of desired color matches or printed versions of your product. If the job is very rushed, we also provide up to 3 GB of ftp server space for you to upload your file. In practice we will work with what you give us, please discuss if you are concerned.

Do you use Child Labor?
All of the production facilities we use are selected for their progressive nature of doing business, including freedom from unethical practices. China labor law specifies a minimum working age of 16, and is enforced much more strictly than portrayed in the media.

Is your factory ISO certified?
As a print management company, we select the best factory for each job, so this varies. For high end work, the factories we use are typically foreign invested and ISO 9001 certified.

What about the environment?
With very few exceptions, the paper we use comes from sustainable tree plantations. Domestic Chinese Recycled paper is available only for some types of paper, but it is possible to procure recycled paper, Chlorine-Free paper and/or FSC certified paper. Many of the factories we use are ISO 14001 certified and it is often possible to specify soy inks, VOC-free coatings, and so on.

Can you give me references?
Sure, please simply allow us a few days to obtain authorization for you to contact other clients for whom we have done similar products recently.