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Privacy Policy
1. China Printing Solutions International, Ltd. ( China Printing Solutions) collects information from current and prospective customers as well as from interested parties in the global Printing industry for the purpose of communication and sharing of relevant information on China Printing practice and developments. China Printing Solutions issues a bi-monthly electronic newsletter to such parties free of charge and without any obligation from the recipient whatsoever.
2. By submitting your contact information to China Printing Solutions for inclusion in the newsletter, you the recipient agree to accept receipt of such information on a bi-monthly basis, or more or less frequently on occasion as circumstances require.
3. The electronic newsletter may contain news on the China Printing Industry, technical or cost-saving tips, relevant Case Studies from China Printing Solution Projects, suggestions on China Print production of Books, Catalogs, magazines, packaging, posters, calendars, advertising Collateral, Compact Discs, DVD’s, Information that may benefit the recipient’s understanding of China Printing Solutions’ trade practice or methodology, or any other such information that may be relevant to the issue of Printing in China.
4. China Printing Solutions pledges never under any circumstances to provide newsletter recipients’ contact details to any third party for any reason—not by sale, nor by lend, nor by any other means whatsoever. China Printing Solutions shall keep this information in confidence and use for no other purpose except those specified in this statement.
5. China Printing Solutions shall never make use of the contact information provided to promote any other cause other than that of promotion of Printing in China.
6. Should any recipient wish to be omitted from further communication, China Printing Solutions provides an automatic remove function at the bottom of each electronic newsletter, whereby the recipient need only request removal from the communications list one time, after which he/she will never be contacted again, unless expressly required where China Printing Solutions has been contracted to provide China Printing services for the recipient.
7. This privacy notice was designed to provide a simple overview of the practice of China Printing Solutions in sending its China Printing electronic newsletter and is not a comprehensive legal document. If you require further information on China Printing Solutions’ privacy practice, please contact us at