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End-to-End Packaging Services

China Printing Solutions (CPS), in conjunction with its sister company, Ivie Asia, offers end-to-end packaging services to retailers and FMCG (CPG) companies at cost-effective price structures. Packaging services consist of graphic design, structural design, production artwork & pre-press services, print management/quality control and printing via our network of packaging producers. Brands like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Minute Maid, KFC, Watsons and other leading food & beverage/consumer packaged goods companies trust CPS to conceptualize and invigorate branding through a variety of packaging design implementations.

From initial ideation stage to completed package delivery, we work closely to develop packaging that connects with your customers on a functional and emotional level while delivering shelf impact and memorability. Examples of our packaging services include:

  • Brand creation/new product launches
  • Adaptation of existing style guides to complete product lineups
  • Line extensions, including flavor and variant extensions
  • Brand refreshes and relaunches
  • Seasonal packaging campaigns such as Olympics packaging
  • Integrated in-store POS promotions as part of broader seasonal packaging campaigns
  • Specialized packaging such as children’s packaging
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Private Label

China Printing Solutions, in conjunction with our sister company, Ivie Asia, produces an average of 900 private label (white label) SKUs each year.

  • For retailers launching new brands, we provide brand creation services, complete artwork production services for entire product lineups, print management and printing of final packaging.
  • For retailers with existing brands, we provide cost-competitive artwork production across entire product lines, print management and printing of final packaging.
  • For existing brands, we provide adaptation services. Adaptions include new artwork for flavor variants, adaption to Chinese for the China market, or artwork for line extensions.
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Marketing Materials for Retail Campaigns

China Printing Solutions helps retailers move merchandise. As part of the Ivie family of companies, we have over 22 years of retail marketing experience supporting retailers all over the world. We understand the unique needs that retailers and FMCG companies have when it comes to quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness. We exist to help you reach your target audience in a more efficient and impactful way.

Services we provide include:

  • Creation, production and printing of retail marketing campaigns
  • Seasonal campaigns consisting of page production through printing of catalogs, direct mail, in-store point-of-sale (POS), price signage and customer communication signage. In short, we can create and source anything that can be printed or produced for in-store or in-home delivery.
  • End-to-end packaging services from creative through print production
  • Private label (white label) packaging services
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) signage and displays
  • Catalogs and circulars
  • Fashion shopping bags
  • Fashion catalogs and look books

Because we’ve worked in and around retail marketing for so long, we’re not just a vendor; we’re a strategic partner for retailers, working side by side with clients including Sam’s Club, Walmart, Mannings, B&Q, Watsons and others to conceptualize effective marketing campaigns and source the products needed in order to bring them to life.

We’re comfortable working with retail marketing clients small and large. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 stores or 1,000; our model is built to scale. We customize solutions to fit each individual retailer’s needs.

Whether you are seeking assistance in sourcing permanent branded solutions or materials for a specific campaign, China Printing Solutions is your go-to source for all of your retail marketing and advertising needs.

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Catalogues, Circulars and Direct Mail

With over 22 years of retail marketing experience, China Printing Solutions understands the unique requirements of customer communications. We produce catalogues, circulars, direct mail and other printed customer communications quickly and at low unit costs.

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Reusable Shopping Bags/Carriers

China Printing Solutions will produce over 1,000,000 reusable bags this year in China for export to the U.S. Our sourcing allows us to supply all types of bags at highly competitive price points that vary based upon quality, durability and materials sourced. Material options include nonwoven PET, insulated, jute, 100% cotton, and more. CPS can supply and source any material option on the market.

The popularity of reusable bags is continuing to rise given that they are environmentally friendly. Many consumers choose to use reusable bags out of their personal concern for the environment. In some parts of the world, local legislation is forcing retailers to offer reusable bags to their customers to reduce the number of single-use plastic bags that go into landfills. CPS has been at the forefront of the reusable shopping bag trend for several years, and we can help you identify the right product and options that fit within your local requirements.

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Fashion Shopping Bags/Carriers

Apparel retailers know that one of the most visible indicators of their brand is the bag that customers are handed at checkout. More than just a way to get purchases home safely, bags are essentially mini-billboards that frequently live well beyond their initial use. Fashion bags and carriers are, in a way, fashion pieces themselves.

China Printing Solutions clients call on us because we can deliver quality printing and sturdy construction at a bargain price.

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Fashion Catalogues & Look Books

Despite the growing prevalence of online shopping and the ever-growing popularity of fashionista blogging, few industries recognize the value of printed catalogues and look books than the fashion industry. Fashion catalogues present a high-end, luxurious representation of brands in printed form. Beautiful photos bring the latest fashions to life through quality printing.

China Printing Solutions exercises intensive quality control standards in everything we do with extra care and attention paid to color management for fashion retailers.

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Hardback and Paperback Books

China Printing Solutions has printed hundreds of books since its inception in various sizes, specifications and quantities. Our clients include major publishing houses as well as small to medium publishers requiring limited quantities. Whether it’s a hardback or paperback, we can produce any type of finishing or binding your project may need.

As a professional print management company, CPS offers high quality, cost effective printing and if required, page production services. All artwork is reviewed for accuracy and suitability for printing. We routinely discover common errors like low resolution photos or insufficient bleeds. This extra attention to detail helps ensure that the end product matches your expectations.

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Children’s Books

Books are essential for teaching young children to recognize shapes, colors and characters. As children grow, books become indispensable for reading development.

Regardless of size, quantity, complexity or other characteristics, China Printing Solutions has been producing a variety of conventional and popup Children’s books for over 10 years.

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Cook Books

Gourmet or Quick and Easy, cookbooks are a joy for avid food lovers and busy novices alike. China Printing Solutions has printed numerous cookbooks in hardback and paperback formats for well-known brands, celebrity chefs and up-and-coming chefs. CPS’s attention to quality ensures your food photography will look as mouthwatering as when you whipped it up in your kitchen.

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