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Here are just a few typical comments from our customers around the globe.
More testimonials and references are available by request.

“I've been dealing with CPS for the last few years. They were a find. I had nothing but headaches from printers here in Ireland. Always either late or the job or materials not the right spec, etc. I now receive the goods, on time true
to spec and at nearly 50% less cost. Excellent company to work with, personable and a great work ethic.”
—Liam O’Brian, Mall Publications, Ireland

"Excellent. From my perspective the best part about the service was that they provided a timeline for the production and delivery of the books and everything happened like clockwork. As far as other things like cost they were pretty much the cheapest quote we had.”
—Dr. Jerome Goldstein, JMM Media, Australia

“It was a delight to receive the sample books. The quality is excellent and the final product superb!”
—Andrew Stimer, Spire Resources, USA

“Thanks, for your clear and systematic communication. Thanks for your thoroughness. It’s just great. I look forward to our ongoing association with CPS.”
—John Holton, Innovative Resources, Australia

“This is what I call the real partnership - when not only you are doing what we ask you for, but pro- actively propose ideas, solutions which are great for us and for you too!”
—Marius Jovaisa, Unseen Pictures, Lithuania

"As I see it, we didn't compromise at all on quality.  Your work stands up against any US vendor we have used.  You did for us precisely what you said you would, and I have nothing but good things to say about our experience with CPS.  The savings and the pleasure of working with you are both considerable."
—Jack Warren, Society of the Cincinnati Directory, USA

“CPS have been phenomenal. Your expert advice and guidance made our project possible.”
—Jeremy Hollingshead, Esq. Estate Publishers Ltd., USA

“Service was responsive and fast. Communication was timely, consistent and continuing right up to delivery.”
—Amy Vanderbilt, Trend Factor Press, USA

“From the first initial meeting, everything has been fantastic. The communication, Advice and overall product is everything we wanted.”
—Andrew Levy, Viva Photography, Australia